Old Bridge Council for

the Good of Old Bridge

Ensuring the voices of Ward 2 are heard

My Name is Peter Shearer and

I am running for

Old Bridge Council in Ward 2

About Me

  • Born in Manhattan, grew up in Bergen County

  • Got married in 1980 (Great Decision!)

  • Moved to Old Bridge in 1985 (Great Decision)

  • My wife and I raised and educated our daughter in the Old Bridge public school system. She is a successful engineer.


  • Public school K-12, graduated with a BS from 4 year college

  • Went to technical night school for electronics


As a short term employee of a large company, I saw that their organization matters. Working as a carpenter’s assistant, I learned how really useful those math skills and building inspections are. Being able to repair my deck saved me from going into debt as we were just getting established.

Working as a landscaper did not hurt me. I still mow my own lawn, trim the bushes, and do some weeding. It’s good to do, good to know the property, and good to keep up the property.

Worked a mom and pop private business since 1975. Moved the business from Manhattan to South Amboy in 2002. Here we went into debt to buy the building, not for routine expenses. The jobs had to be done. Our company did the best repairs in our field. Repairs rather than replacing is good.

Retired in 2021

For questions, or to volunteer, contact: shearer4obcouncil@gmail.com